Smart Warehouse - inventory location and process visibility in real-time

Discover how our Smart Warehouse solution can track the actual location of your assets in real-time and help free up capacity to drive more business.

Make your warehouse Smart by adopting intelligent logistics, digitalization that enables real-time visibility

The Lyngsoe Systems Smart Warehouse solution prevents service and transportation failures and frees up capacity to drive more business.  By utilizing RFID and IoT technology to “light up” warehouse inventory and processes, Warehouse Operators get full transparency, traceability, and predictability. This in turn enables them to be efficient, uphold customer inventory and transport SLAs, and be market leaders in 3PL and contract logistics. Smart Warehouse is primarily utilized in 3PL and Contract Logistics by companies that handle machine and industrial parts, pharmaceutical products, and e-commerce fashion.

Why choose Smart Warehouse?

The Smart Warehouse solution doesn’t require huge investment in material handling and automation equipment or solutions. Nor does it require specific warehouse layouts or any changes to your current processes.

Our solution is low cost, can work stand-alone or be integrated with your WMS, is fully scalable to cover any warehouse size, handles all types of warehouse processes, and importantly is fast and easy to implement.

How does Smart Warehouse work?

Shipments are tagged with low-cost standard passive RFID labels, either prior to arrival or upon receipt to the warehouse. This goods receipt process then enables automated location tracking throughout the various warehouse processes.  

The Smart Warehouse uses different types of fixed and mobile RFID devices to locate and track goods throughout the warehouse. Inventory is tracked in real-time, supporting the end-to-end warehouse operations including dock door, cross docking, floor inventory, shelves inventory, put and pick, replenishment, pack and ship, and shipment and transport verification operations.

What are the Smart Warehouse benefits?

Smart Warehouse uses X-Tracking™ to visualize the exact location of all RFID tagged goods. X-Tracking™ monitors live location and location moves, meaning that when goods are requested for picking and transport the operators can see exactly where the requested items are located. This enables process efficiency, prevents SLA breaches and gets goods out on time, which in turn results in happy customers.

Automated RFID scanning and tracking enables warehouse operators to reduce manual scanning and optimize operational workflows, meaning tasks such as receiving, picking and shipping become much more streamlined. Utilizing RFID allows you to maximize your storage capacity and minimize wasted space, in turn creating savings on overhead costs such as utilities and maintenance.

The condition of sensitive goods can be monitored via start-the-clock / stop-the-clock functions that send alerts to operators once these items are moved from coolers, prompting and enabling them to maintain the required temperature. 

Smart Warehouse also improves warehouse security and minimizes loss by detecting unauthorized goods movements and eliminating mis-shipments, thus preventing customer complaints and associated failure costs.   

Value Creation

Prevent SLA breaches

Know where every item actually is in real-time

Gain full transparency with RFID technology

Reduce manual handling

Avoid wasting time waiting and searching

Eliminate mis-shipments

Improve customer Satisfaction

Automatic scans, arrival and departure registration

Get the actual location of your assets in real-time

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