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Press Release
Lyngsoe Systems A/S
Denmark, December 2021

Lyngsoe Systems announces library business unit User Group

Following consultation with customers, Lyngsoe Systems announces the launch of a User Group for the Library Business Unit. Staff from any library that uses any of Lyngsoe Systems (now including PV Supa and 2CQR) products or services will be able to join the group and participate in events and meetings of the group.

The launch of the group includes access to a group platform where customers will be able to share their experience of working with Lyngsoe products and services with each other and with Lyngsoe Systems. Lyngsoe are planning for User Group meetings later in 2022. Against the background of continuing challenges from COVID 19, it is most likely that these events will be virtual, but it is expected that there will be in person meetings of the User Group in 2022.


For more information, please contact:

Lyngsoe Systems

Colin Carter

IMMS Business Director

Lyngsoe Systems Library UK


Lyngsoe Systems

Laura J. Corbin

Service Director

Lyngsoe Systems Library US


Lyngsoe Systems

Henrik Kjeldgaard

Senior Vice President

Lyngsoe Systems Library Global

“I am looking forward to this exciting new channel for Lyngsoe Systems to interact with its customers and for customers to be able to share their experience of working with our technologies with each other and with the business”, says Senior Vice President Henrik Kjeldgaard.

Henrik Kjeldgaard

Senior Vice President, Lyngsoe Systems Library

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