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    Deal efficiently with your mail and parcel flow
    With a proven track record we can increase your throughput significantly
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    Locate your equipment no matter where it is
    Enable 100% real time visibility for all products and transport equipment
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    Become a trusted partner to the world's leading e-tailers
    Upgrade your infrastructure with RFID technology and get your business back on track
Comprehensive data capture

Comprehensive data capture

Enable new topline through capturing growth

Cut costs and boost capacity

Cut costs and boost capacity

Standard platforms for customized solutions

Increase customer trust

Increase customer trust

Protect your brand value


Our promise


A time of change

The postal services of the world face the ultimate problem for any business – a sharp decline in demand for core product. Digitalization has had a dramatic impact on mail volume whilst e-commerce keeps providing growth opportunities and challenges in capacity and production costs. Consequently, products, network and services must be tailored and streamlined to protect and grow turnover, and to provide new individualized value for the customers.

Lyngsoe Systems is a world leader in providing postal solutions that have a significant impact on top and bottom lines. We help postal operators develop new or improved products and cut costs whilst enhancing customer trust, efficiency, quality and capacity.

We combine the latest logistics knowledge and visibility technology with state-of-the-art analytics to provide:

  • Visibility
  • Productivity
  • Generation of new topline
  • One trusted source of real time logistic transparency
  • Information for cutting costs and boosting capacity
  • Brand protection
  • Sustainability improvements

We help the world’s postal services being successful in changing their business to match future demands.

Together we create the postal company of the future that will fulfill future customer requirements for products and services.


Get your business back on track

Upgrade your existing infrastructure with the latest RFID technology to release the full potential of your business. Gain access to maximize your scan rate and make decisions based on real-time data. 



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