From library clerks to knowledge workers
Release librarian power with logistics solutions for improved patron service
Increased library efficiency

Increased library efficiency

Longer hours of service – can in fact be 24/7/365

Modern logistics solutions

Modern logistics solutions

Compact sorter design – suitable for both small and large libraries

Better Ergonomics

Better Ergonomics

Elimination of repetitive heavy work for staff


Our Promise


Libraries of the 21st century

Improved circulation, ergonomics, and service

Seemingly impossible to realize all at the same time, but libraries of all sizes are perfect for automation and Lyngsoe Systems is at the forefront of library logistics. The benefits are obvious – improved ergonomics for staff, faster circulation of materials and massively improved patron service (not least through almost unlimited hours of service). Library staff can spend more time with patrons and efficiency takes a quantum leap. Automation is the logical choice for the forward-looking libraries valuing a short ROI.

Supporting library evolution

The patrons want to read and libraries still stock books, but library staff has a wide range of new roles to fulfill. Lyngsoe Systems’ solutions bring value to library staff and patrons by releasing the former from repetitive physical work to provide better services to the latter. 

Quality built on experience

State-of-the-art automation from Lyngsoe Systems, build on logistics expertise from the most demanding sectors, provides the means of increasing customer perceptions of service and quality. Designing hardware and software together, and engineering it to last, provides customers the reliability already appreciated by many forward-thinking libraries.

Meeting your needs with engineered flexibility

Lyngsoe Systems offer an extensive product range meeting both the needs in the small library branch or in the central sorter facility – supporting and enhancing library processes is at the heart of, what we offer. The open, compact, and modular design of both sorter and self-service products allows for placement in all surroundings, and the low noise warrants for a pleasant work place environment. Be it barcode or RFID, a Lyngsoe solution will fit.

Reliable operation backed by solid service

Lyngsoe Systems is at the cutting edge of advanced self-service lending, returns and sorting systems using RFID or barcode - integrating seamlessly with your integrated library system or library management system. The innovative ‘Intelligent Material Management System’ (IMMS) software even adds the extra intelligence and brings new value out of your integrated library system or library management system. Appreciating libraries need for a high reliability of operation, all our hardware and software products are easy to operate, maintain and service by design and the highly skilled Lyngsoe Systems service team is ready to answer your call.

An integral part of your processes

You can release librarian power, by empowering patrons to check-out and return materials by themselves through the Library MateTM products and let them help with the sorting on shelves or feed into a Sort MateTM sorter doing the operation fast and reliable. The IMMS software directly guides materials to the next branch or patron by paperless reservations. Closing the circle, the range of ergonomic transport solutions supports staff work conditions all the way to the fast return of materials to the next interested patron. This and much more to enhance your processes and services.

Benefits include:

  • Ergonomic elimination of repetitive heavy work for staff
  • Longer hours of service – can in fact be 24/7/365
  • Compact and low noise – can be installed in existing buildings

Fast ROI – Increased library efficiency


Lyngsoe Systems aquired FKI Logistex Library Solutions in 2009. 

Voice of our customer

Watch our video from Normal Public Library, USA, showing how automated book sorting can create a better work environment while enhancing processes and services.

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