RFID tracking in e-commerce

Become an attractive partner to the world’s leading e-tailers


Your challenge

The e-commerce market is booming, but leading e-tailers want more from their carriers than just competitive delivery prices. Many of the world’s leading e-tailers are aggressively investing in RFID (radio frequency identification) infrastructure and are expecting their partners to do the same.

By offering customer centered solutions, you will take the lead and become an attractive partner for e-tailers.

Our solution

The RFID infrastructure will provide full visibility and real-time tracking on every package, parcel and mail in the e-commerce value chain. The solution from Lyngsoe Systems will provide the data foundation to enable and strengthen all the key competition parameters for the e-tailers.

RFID infrastructure not only provides carriers and posts the ability to provide e-tailers with the solutions they are looking for, but also improves and enhances productivity by adding real-time visibility to the complete value chain, including return logistics.

The benefit for e-tailers

  • Choose how fast a package is to be delivered, from same day to next day
  • Time slot delivery options – Select the time and place for delivery
  • Change delivery address en-route
  • Real-time customer notifications on package status and arrival time
  • Early warnings if delivery is delayed
  • Full traceability on return logistics

Enable your existing infrastructure with selected RFID technologies

  • RFID tags enable a package to be tracked from the moment it is picked
  • GPS enabled truck readers show the package’s exact location during its journey
  • RTLS (Real Time Location System) Lyngsoe Portal Reader installed at load gates in the sorting area transfers all registrations of packages
  • Easy to install Lyngsoe Sortation Readers measure the progress of the package at strategic points in the sortation center
  • Lyngsoe Belt Load Readers to ensure correct handling when loading onto trucks or planes
  • Lyngsoe Manual Image Capturing Station™ designed to overcome the massive amount of e-commerce packages in sortation centers by speeding up arrival registrations

Solution Components

Real-Time Tracking