Lyngsoe's Automated Validation Station™

Automate, streamline, and create a better customer experience with an easy to install and proven solution



Whether it’s B2C or B2B the challenges are the same. The costs associated with correcting misdeliveries are high. This is the case even if it is between a company’s own warehouses and stores, internal departments, or similar. In addition, it negatively affects customer experience when companies do not comply with promised delivery times.
Manual handling of the order fulfillment process is vulnerable to human error in areas such as:

  • Picking from inventory
  • Packing customer orders
  • Verifying pallet content
  • Loading on to correct transport


By introducing Lyngsoe’s solution based on RFID technology, real-time automated scans can be used while goods are ‘live’ in the logistic flow.
Lyngsoe's Automated Validation Station™ uses package and shipment information from your delivery management solution provider to automate shipment preparation and processes.

The Lyngsoe RTLS RFID Portals™ scan all packages before leaving the warehouse and validate if all packages on the pallet or roll-cage are meant for the same destination. The scan will identify if any of the packages are misplaced and direct an employee to remove these from the shipment. A portal scans and registers when a shipment of packages leaves the warehouse and automatically document the consignment handover to the distributor/carrier. Likewise, a portal at the store registres when the shipment has reached its destination.

The solution can easily integrate with your existing delivery management solution provider’s platform - whether it’s a separate delivery management software platform or it’s a part of your warehouse management solution.


By introducing RFID technology in your logistic flow and integrating the data with your delivery management software, you will be able to automate and seamlessly deliver:

  • Fast verification that shipments are going to the correct destination and easy correction of misplaced shipments via a real-time application user dialogue
  • Automatic notification to the receiver when the parcel is handled/shipped
  • Automatic notification when the package has arrived and is ready for pick-up at the store
  • Documentation of consignment handover

Automating your logistic flow with Lyngsoe’s solution enables your company to deliver the expected customer experience, whether you operate in B2B or B2C market segments.

Key Features

  • Proven integration to all major TA suppliers
  • Load parcels onto a pallet without scanning each individual parcel
  • Automatic validation of shipments to the same destination (destination validation)
  • Remove manual scanning time preparing shipments
  • Reduce parcels placed on wrong pallets when creating shipments / consignments for distribution
  • Full documentation of the consignments that happens from the warehouse to the distributor / carrier
  • Automated and faster notification to the receiver when the parcel is shipped
  • Simple implementation – ready to go concept
  • Easy scalability from pilot to full scale concept
  • Optional: Automatic arrival registration at the store
  • Optional: Automated and faster notification to the receiver when the parcel has arrived at the store ready for pick-up

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