Lyngsoe Passive and Active RFID Portal™


A combined solution for reading of multiple tag types


The Lyngsoe Passive and Active RFID Portal™ is integrated, UPU S56 compliant active and ISO 18000-6C EPC Gen2 compliant passive RFID standalone units, designed to cover strategic congestion points such as entrances, exit gates, conveyors and sorting machines. The portal reads active S56 tags and passive EPC Gen2 tags. When active UPU S56 or passive tags pass a portal, their unique tag IDs are read. This information and the exact time of reading and the portal ID number, indicating the portal location/position, are subsequently transmitted to a server through a LAN or 4G connection.


For complex applications, the portal will accommodate the connection of two additional external passive EPC Gen2 compliant patch antennas, which may be required to achieve satisfactorily
reading rates. The portal is designed for quick mount installation by a local technician.


The Lyngsoe Passive and Active RFID Portal™ requires only a country specific power plug and connection to 100-240V and LAN or GSM connection for data communication. The Lyngsoe Passive and Active RFID Portal™ is I/O enabled for direct connection of horn, lamp, sensor etc. for load control or tag detection. It also has a number of built-in watchdog functions for diagnostic monitoring of the unit including automatic reset functions enabling optimum operation availability and uptime. In addition, the portal has a single board computer supporting embedded applications enabling control of on-site logistics execution such as load control on trucks.


  • Easy installation
  • Objective SLA documentation
  • Enables process transparency
  • Enables quality improvements
  • Reads multiple tag types
  • Objective collection of track & trace information