Lyngsoe Asset Management

Keep track and create value with Lyngsoe Asset Management



Typical challenges your company has to cope with every day; is that you and your customers don’t get enough value from your assets, or that production and capacity don't flow because of missing production critical assets, which requires time-consuming replacements with new expensive assets.


With the Lyngsoe Asset Management solution, you can create a clear track of handover of responsibility for your assets, enabling you to always know where they are and ensuring maximum utilization.  


The asset visibility empowers new real-time services and new value streams for your company. You will be able to scale fast and automate where feasible and there are very low demands on infrastructure.

Asset Management Products

Lyngsoe Asset Identification Plate™can be mounted on all assets, enabling full asset control in real-time


  • Improved use of assets by customers
  • Avoid loss of assets
  • 100% automatic where feasible
  • Very low demands to existing infrastructure
  • Multiple flexible ways of identifying assets: Barcode, BLE, RFID and visual.
  • Easy implementation