Real-time tracking and traceability


Real-time tracking and traceability for Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Meet the growing demands from authorities and consumers about real-time tracking and traceability and protect your brand from counterfeiting and illicit trade. 

Real-time tracking and traceability is about providing an efficient electronic trace from sub-components to end-of-life for products. It is implemented worldwide to make sure customers get the right products at the right place and time with full traceability. 

Uniquely identification of component and products

Track and trace records for products are obtained by adding a unique ID to each item of interest using automated data capture technology (barcode, data matrix, RFID etc.). Products are traced either by scanning the items itself at all handovers or by nesting it to load carriers or/and shipping units and scanning these. Each item will then be uniquely and automatically identified and traced based on their ID and load carriers’ IDs.

Lyngsoe System helps you to keep track and provides you with turnkey traceability applications supporting both up-and downstream traceability. Lyngsoe Systems deliveries can include all components from identifiers for items, cases, load carries etc. over data capture equipment to the full traceability software application seamlessly integrated into your present IT landscape.

Tracking all hand-overs in the supply chain

Lyngsoe Systems supports manufacturers in gaining visibility and traceability by proving an overview of all product movements and hand-overs in the global value chain. Our solutions integrate multiple ERP, MES and WMS systems across the parties involved in the full supply chain, enabling seamless and fast identification in one single system.

Supply chains often comprise wholly owned manufacturing and warehousing facilities, contract manufacturing and 3rd party logistic and products sold via a large number of stores and distributors worldwide. Standardizing information exchange to gain visibility across all these stakeholders is a major task. Lyngsoe Systems helps you solve it, so you know the exact time, location and responsible for each hand-over of a unique item world-wide.

Verifying authenticity and protecting your brand

Counterfeited and illicit traded products have become more widespread and it is affecting consumer safety and affecting brand value. Lyngsoe Systems enables you to identify and track counterfeit products. Based on production and expected logistic transaction information combined with location information on products, our systems are capable of providing estimated volume and value of illicit traded products. It also enables a verification of your products authenticity at point of sales by scanning the unique ID and provide your customer with certainty about your products originality. It opens new opportunities for increasing customer services and building customer loyalty. 

Meeting the increased traceability documentation demands

Traceability demands is not just the concern of consumers, but it is also a tied to legislation. Depending on your industry, you are required to comply with different legal traceability requirements from government and business partners i.e. EU 178/2002/EC. 

Traceability solutions provided by Lyngsoe Systems makes it easier to ensure the quality of your data and align documentation across your supply chain to make sure, you can provide external stakeholder with the needed traceability documentation. This could as an example be gaining electronic access to CofA (Certification of Analysis) for fast verification of correct certification and approvals of your product. 

Products on hold and efficient recalls

To effectively manage a global distribution full traceability and visibility into supply chain flows are required. If products are on hold e.g. due to lab test for food product, you are forced to continue your distribution, even though your products are not released for sale yet. You need to know exactly where these items are and where they are going and well as keeping the logistic locations informed about the hold. Lyngsoe Systems traceability solutions helps companies keep track of all “on-hold” items without delaying the distribution. If there is a need to recall a product, the comprehensive traceability enables you to perform very targeted recall limiting the affect to your brand and direct costs to a minimum. 

The core elements

  • Automatically capture trace information on item level in the supply chain for all traced items
  • Effective integration of data from multiple sources to create seamless end-to-end traceability
  • Ability to search for specific items and gain full track and trace record
  • Data to support compliance to regulations and customer requirement


  • Full traceability on products to meet customer and legal requirements
  • Introduce new services and business models based on traceability information
  • Enable customers to authenticate your products at point of sale
  • Keep track of all “on-hold” items without delaying the distribution
  • Effectively combat counterfeiting and illicit trade
  • Perform very targeted recalls to limit cost impact