Turn Mate™ sorting module

Designed for use with Ergo Carts™/Ergo Chutes™ turning media-spines out



Following the easy directions on the Library Mate™ induction software, books will be nicely stacked spine out in Lyngsoe Ergo Carts™. Sorting and shelving of books becomes very easy with minimal manual handling.

The Turn Mates™ flexibility allows it to receive materials from multiple directions – fitting well into even the most complicated layouts. Materials coming from a Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™ induction or Library Mate™ induction are turned and sorted into the assigned Ergo Cart™.

Designed to last – lifting and turning materials, before sending the on to the Sort Mate™ Modules are all in day’s work for the Turn Mate™.


  • Easy shelving from Ergo Cart™
  • Books nicely stacked spines out
  • Receives materials from more directions
  • Designed to last