Sorter Controller™

Take control of your sorting strategies with Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™ 




The Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™ is an intuitive web-based software, which enables libraries to independently establish and flexibly adjust sorting strategies (sort tables) for the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 AMH sorters.

The Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™ offers overview statistics to support the optimal usage of the available inductions and destinations; as well as search functionalities for insights and nearly full/early warning to support the flow of your operational processes.

Whether on PC or tablet, it is easy to create or adjust sorting strategies. For example switching to a “waterfall” on multiple destinations could utilize capacity to the fullest, when large numbers of materials are returned in the unmanned hours of a holiday period. 

  • Take control of your own sorting strategies
  • Intuitive, simple user interface
  • Optimize your AMH capacity utilization
  • Easy handling of large number of materials in unmanned hours

Clear, attractive and easy to use interface