Self-Service Equipment


The Lyngsoe Self-Service Equipment (SSE) for libraries


Letting patrons help

Self-service lets patrons take over some of the processes from staff to release time for other services such as consultancy and other new tasks, libraries are increasingly facing.

Check-in and check-out

In the self-service equipment, patrons can normally return, lend or renew materials. Combined with security gates, the status of the media is automatically checked, before the patron leaves the library.

Supports the sorting process

The self-service can extend to become a part of the sorting process, guiding patrons to place returned media to the requested shelf or cart, thereby bringing the media fast in circulation again.

Works with the library management system

The self-service equipment communicates with the ILS/LMS and media status is updated immediately. Typically it is done via the SIP standard protocol, if based on RFID, containing media data such as titles, which are shown to the patrons on the screen to provide feedback and guidance.


Easy guidance through process

The user-friendly Lyngsoe Library Mate™ software guides patrons through the lending, return and renewal process on the screens. It is straight-forward and releases staff for other services for the patrons. Combining the Holds Mate™ and Library Mate™ 3200 helps separating holds to get fast back into circulation.


Barrier free patron access

The height-adjustable self-service kiosks (LM3200 and LM5000) allows for a comfortable and ergonomic position for all patrons. The newest Library Mate™ software also opens up for special, easy-to-read fonts and sound guidance, thus ensuring a barrier free access for all.

Extended opening hours

Patron self-service can also take place in the library outside manned hours, if the Access Mate™ solution is installed. Opening hours scheduling decides, when patrons can be granted access.

Barcode and RFID

The self-service can be based on RFID and/or barcode making it easy to get going with the existing library technology. When based on e.g. RFID, the Alarm Gates can add the extra security and visitor statistics through the Track Mate™ software. 

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