Library Mate™ 1200 self-return kiosk

The compact and cost efficient indoor self-return kiosk



Integrating into the Sort Mate™ sorting system the Library Mate™ 1200 allows patrons to return materials quickly by themselves, relieving staff from repetitive work. The Library Mate™ software communicates with the ILS/LMS to change status of the materials immediately.

The touch screen opens up for choice of language and leads the patron comfortably through the return process. Barrier free patron access is available in the newest Library Mate™ software offering specially designed easy-to-read fonts and voice guidance.

The front of the induction can be placed in different heights and multiple inductions can serve the same sorter.


  • Allows unattended and automatic return of library materials
  • Reduces repetitive tasks for library staff
  • Compact. Can be customized to fit library design
  • Flexibility in height placement and RFID/barcode options