Juno Secure Library Room Booking System

Juno Secure Library Room Booking System



Juno Secure Library Room Booking System by Telepen is available as a stand-alone system, primarily intended to handle the booking of such areas as group study and resource rooms in Universities and Colleges.

It is a keyless group study room booking system fully configurable by the Library. Control is provided to define the rules such as limiting the length of any booking, limiting the times rooms are available (which could be 24/7) or disqualifying users due to failure to take up previous bookings.

Users can be reminded of existing bookings by email or SMS text thus helping to maximize room usage.

Room types can be grouped by location or defined by type or the facilities available.

This product is not available in the US. 


  • Web enabled advance booking at users’ convenience
  • Instant room booking at the door
  • Avoids staff involvement with management of keys
  • Provides extra security
  • Connects to the Integrated Library System (ILS)
  • Maximises room usage
  • Comprehensive user reports
  • Monitors failure to take up room bookings

Enables to:

  • Book a room or cancel bookings
  • Receive SMS Text reminders of existing bookings
  • Provide students with proof of booking
  • Allows students quick access to room booking information and room availability

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