Intelligent Material Management System™


The Lyngsoe Intelligent Material Management System™ (IMMS) for libraries

Modern logistics for libraries

IMMS is about taking the learnings from modern logistics management and make them available to libraries. IMMS by means of a few control parameters lets libraries choose where and how to make best use of the collection.

Manages floating collections

Rather than buying large numbers of media at all branches in a library network, the IMMS orchestrates the sharing of media by steering the floating collections to where, the media is currently needed the most.

Finding the current location

Based on the modern logistics approach, it is possible to find the specific, current location (sorter, trolley, tote, shelf…) of an item. This will save many man-hours of searching for requested media, which the ILS/LMS reports as returned.

Suitable for both small and large

Shelf-management is important in both the small and the large library. The IMMS supports making the themes in demand, available to the patrons, without over-crowding the shelves.

Works with the library management system

The IMMS utilizes the available ILS/LMS to add the additional intelligence. The data needed for the IMMS supplements the media data already in the ILS/LMS. 



Optimal management of floating collection

By means of a few control parameters, such as maximum shelf space per defined collection, the advanced IMMS algorithm takes over. No more, overflow in one branch and starving in another.

Media warehouse management

State-of-the-art warehouse management algorithms maximizes space utilization. Precise locations in the warehouse are known, and requested media brought to patrons in a matter of a couple of days, rather than weeks.

Shelve management

Based on the initial input of the library’s physical design, the individual shelve spaces are managed by the IMMS according the library’s settings. Via a smartphone app, the IMMS guides you fast to the specific location of the media, you are looking for. 

Paperless operation

The web client for staff work stations, and the workflow via smartphones significantly reduces the need for paper in the process. Even the holds for patrons no longer have to rely on print slips to be located – patrons are guided to the particular shelf section, where the media can be found. 

Co-developed with Danish libraries

The Lyngsoe IMMS was developed in close cooperation with Copenhagen and Aarhus Public Libraries. The user-involvement has resulted in an easy-to-use, yet highly time and resource saving solution.

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