Ergo Volume™

The ergonomic trolley for bulk collection and transport of materials



The compact, narrow design holds a large capacity ideal for use with the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ sorter system. The Ergo Volume™ steers easily across library surfaces with the ergonomic handle bar and large wheels.

The floor of the Ergo Volume™ raises as items are restocked on the shelves, thereby ergonomically reducing the need for staff to bend to reach items. The same function also minimizes drop-distance from the sorter chute to protect the sorted items.

Interchangeable with the Ergo Cart™ in the smart Ergo Chute™, makes it easy to return materials fast back to circulation, and provides flexibility to diverse capacity demands e.g. outside manned hours.


  • Flexible interchange with Ergo Carts™
  • Indicator lights at Ergo Chute™ cues replacement
  • Protects employees and books
  • Suitable for all library materials