Ergo Trolley™

Container for bulk collection and transport of materials



Fed by chutes of the Sort Mate™ 2000 sorting system, the Ergo Trolley™ offers great flexibility in terms of both material size and number of materials. Easily interchanged with the next trolley keeping capacity high.

In a stand-alone set-up e.g. with a Library Mate™ 3200 , and from the sorter, the Ergo Trolley™ offers easy transport of a bulk of returned materials. Rounded edges and large wheels enable easy steering across any flooring with minimal effort.

The integrated spring design automatically lowers and raises the trolley floor as weight changes. This means, minimal drop distance from the sorter and minimizes the need to bend over to reach items.


  • Suitable for all library materials
  • Minimal drop and pick-up distance
  • Minimal transport effort