Ergo Box™

Designed in conjunction with librarians to provide the best ergonomics for a high volume sorting bin



The Lyngsoe Ergo Box™ has been specifically designed to prevent unnecessary bending and reach when retrieving books from a sorting bin. It has an automated floor, which elevates up and down, when the bin is being filled or emptied. 

Perfectly integrated with the Sort Mate™ 2000, the Ergo Box™ ensures that materials are always gently delivered into the bin using the available capacity to the fullest. 

As seen on other Lyngsoe Systems products, clear signals with lights provides fast and smart user feedback on whether the Ergo Box™ is ready to receive more materials or if it is full of materials to return for circulation.


  • The ergonomic design prevents awkward lifts and reaches
  • Smart front-end controls and feedback for easy use
  • Works seamlessly with Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ Sorters
  • High volume capacity
  • Low maintenance