Automated Material Handling


Automated Material Handling (AMH) – The Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ sorting system for libraries

Automated sorting processes

An automated material handling (AMH) system, as the name indicates, automates some of the sorting processes in a library. It allows patrons to return media without staff intervention.

Works with the library management system

Patrons return media into the sorting system through dedicated inductions, where the integrated scanners read the media, and automatically report the media as returned to the library management system, where all data resides.

Integrated scanning

The integrated scanners in the inductions read the RFID tags and/or bar codes on the media, and the software determines the appropriate material category (e.g. Novels),before sending the media on to the sorter. The sorter conveys the media to the chute as defined by the library staff in the control software.

Suitable for both small and large

Sorting systems may vary greatly in size to serve both the small local library and the very large central sorting facility.

The number of chutes to sort the media into may vary, but the principle remains the same: Alleviate library staff from repetitive, routine movements, and get media faster in circulation.

From sorting to service

AMH is a great investment to free up librarian resources towards even better patron service.


Improved circulation, ergonomics, and service

Lyngsoe has made it to a specialty to provide ergonomics on top of sorting. The Lyngsoe Ergo Cart™ exemplifies this, by allowing books to be stacked in the sorter, and easily transported without any lifting all the way to the shelf. Fast return to circulation, minimal time spend, and no unnecessary lifting.

Quality built on experience

State-of-the-art automation from Lyngsoe Systems, build on logistics expertise from the most demanding sectors, builds the platform for designing hardware and software together, and engineering it to last. Hundreds of AMH installations have proven the value.

Meeting your needs with engineered flexibility

An extensive product range meets both the needs in the small library branch and in the central sorter facility. The open, compact, and modular design allows for placement in all surroundings, and the low noise warrants for a pleasant work place environment. Be it barcode or RFID, a Lyngsoe solution will fit.

Reliable operation backed by solid service

Lyngsoe sorters integrate seamlessly with your ILS/LMS. The innovative ‘Intelligent Material Management System’ (IMMS) software even adds the extra intelligence. Appreciating libraries need for a high reliability of operation, all our hardware and software products are easy to operate, maintain and service by design and the highly skilled Lyngsoe Systems service team is ready to answer your call.

An integral part of your processes

You can release librarian power, by empowering patrons to return media into a Sort Mate™ sorter doing the operation fast and reliable. The IMMS software directly guides materials to the best location. Closing the circle, the range of ergonomic transport solutions supports staff work conditions all the way to the fast return of materials to the next interested patron. This and much more to enhance your processes and services.

Benefits also include:

  • Longer hours of service – 24/7/365
  • Fast ROI – Increased library efficiency

Call us and we can help you find the right solution for your library!