Localization and Item Tracking


Localization and Item Tracking within Healthcare

Real-time visibility of the location of all resources for example beds, medical equipment and people enables superior performance and transparency in the hospital environment. It helps clinical and service personnel increase patient satisfaction by saving valuable time spent on locating misplaced items. It increases item utilization and thereby cuts down inventory expenses.

Localization and tracking is performed by fitting each piece of equipment with a small passive RFID or active RFID tag. 

The tag contains a unique ID, which is automatically captured by the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ RFID infrastructure, enabling staff to locate items at a room level in the hospital.

By providing a detailed overview of the location of each items it is possible to search for specific items and find the nearest one. It reduces the amount of equipment required and future equipment

Purchases, as a complete overview increases the utilization of existing resources. 

It is now possible to share more equipment between units.

The detailed tracking record of item movements is used to predict future workflows and provide management with objective data to support decisions about optimization and efficiency improvements. There is full traceability on all items making sure a high level of hygiene compliance is maintained.   

The core elements

  • Real-time localization of all items at room-level
  • Ability to search for specific items and locate the nearest one
  • Ability to integrate location information into other systems e.g. task management, asset maintenance, business intelligence tools etc.