Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)


Your Challenge

Sterile equipment is reprocessed and reused in a continuous flow between Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and the Operation Room (OR). Knowing the status and location of the equipment is therefore crucial to secure availability in the OR.

Being able to find relevant equipment or resources without having to make a call or do a manual search can save crucial time. Manual registration by different personnel throughout the sterile flow can furthermore result in missing or mistaken registrations.

Our Solution

The tracking of sterile equipment enables all those involved in the CSSD or OR to find, track and know the status of sterile equipment no matter where it is in the sterile equipment flow. By attaching RFID tags that are approved for sterilization use to sterile equipment sets or containers, the equipment is automatically tracked by readers located at various locations such as when equipment moves from the OR to decontamination, or from sterilization to storage.

The collected data reveals the location of all tagged equipment thereby creating full visibility in the flow between CSSD and OR.

The Outcome for Hospitals

Introducing full tracking of equipment throughout the sterile flow, enables the CSSD and OR to know the exact status and location of equipment through reprocessing, transport, storage and use. This minimizes search time and improves the ability to optimize and change plans.

Automated data capturing on equipment can help detect bottlenecks in the sterilization flow and ultimately expose areas for improvements in the process.

The core elements


  • Automatic tracking of assets and instruments through CSSD processes and logistic flow
  • Provides real-time overview of the whereabouts of instruments
  • Process event control that prevents failures in the recycling process
  • Integration to CSSD management software

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  • Reduced time in OR searching for instruments
  • Improved utilization of instruments
  • Less redundant inventory of instruments
  • Reduced manual labor in CSSD