Bed Management


Bed Management for hospitals

Beds are a vital resource at a hospital and at the same time a logistic challenge to handle. Based on a combination of active RFID and passive RFID technology, the Bed Management solution provide real-time location and status of beds within the hospital increasing bed availability, bed utilization and improves allocation of resources. 

Hospitals are now able to put intelligent tags on their hospital beds – also called Bed Touchpads. This is one of the vital elements in the Bed Management solution. 

In real time the Bed Touchpads make it possible for the staff to change status of the bed from 'ready to use' to 'in use', while monitoring the bed status increasing both bed utilization and bed-flow raising efficiency and saving precious time.

As the Bed Touchpad is added to each bed, it is used for instant communication with the service personnel. It makes it possible for the clinical personnel to change the status of the bed and send that information to the service personnel immediately.

The bed status information is associated with the location of the bed at room level, which makes it easy for service personnel to locate beds throughout the hospital. This ensures that personnel at the bed stations have an overview of status and demand for made beds and clean beds at the hospital as well as unclean and unmade beds.

The core elements


  • Real-time location of beds anywhere in the hospitals
  • Update status of beds on the Bed Touchpad (ready-to-use, in-use, need cleaning etc.)
  • Ability to integrate location and status information into a task management solution improving the efficiency of service personnel.
  • Safety and compliance to hygiene standards
  • Logistic optimization and less time spend on bed management
  • Beds available, when needed
  • Lower inventory of beds due to better utilization
  • Improved overview and better allocation of resources