Lyngsoe Handheld Terminal™


RAIN RFID scanner for securely sealing and verifying a container with the eSeal container seal


Lyngsoe Handheld Terminal™ provides unrivaled security for sealing containers.

To prevent corruption and fake sealing operators use a unique password on the scanner to link them to the sealing of the container, identifying them if any issues with the sealing occur.


Connected to the Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform through the handheld scanner, operators scan the eSeal before it is attached to the container. The terminal verifies whether or not it is an authorized seal with all included security functions, and prevents container sealing with unauthorized seals.

The handheld sealing and verification terminal is a key component in trade facilitation and secure container tracking and reduces smuggling, tampering, theft, and corruption. It can also be used as a backup for fixed gate readers.


The Android-based platform can be used to link the eSeal to the specific container’s ISO number and other systems utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Additionally, the handheld terminal can link the container truck with the container via a Lyngsoe Vehicle Tag™, and the driver via a Lyngsoe Badge Tag™. Registration is semi-automatic and other items and assets equipped with UHF tags can also be registered.

The operator seals the container and scans the eSeal for verification of a securely closed seal. All information about the sealing process is sent to Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ platform.


  • Minimizes corruption and fraud
  • Security incorporated at multiple levels
  • Verification of authorized seals
  • Documentation of correct container sealing
  • Enable tracking information
  • Effective and lower cost tracking solution compared to GPS

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