Lyngsoe Gate Reader™


A RAIN RFID Gate Reader with alarm functionality used for container security solutions


The Lyngsoe Gate Reader™ is a passive RFID UHF reader. Part of the High Security Container Tracking solution, the Gate Reader is used at all supply chain checkpoints, where a visible indication of seal status and tracking data is required e.g. border crossings and bonded warehouse entry gates. Designed for harsh outdoor environments, the small form factor Gate Reader provides easy tamper detection and facilitates supply chain visibility and optimized logistic operations.

The Gate Reader supports Lyngsoe Systems’ installation and deployment tools and is integrated with Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™. As a truck and container approach a checkpoint, the Gate Reader will register the container eSeal, the Lyngsoe Vehicle Tag™ and Lyngsoe Badge Tag™, detecting the status of the container seal to verify if it has been compromised. It also supports the registration of other items and assets that are equipped with passive UHF tags.


The system shows if a transport has been tampered with or otherwise compromised and enables the introduction of fast-track lanes, automatic gates, and other services to make logistic operations faster and more efficient, facilitating trade.

The Gate Reader also reduces manpower at checkpoints and reduces risk as registration can be done automatically.

Supporting up to four antennas, the reader tracks when the eSeal, Vehicle Tag, and Badge Tag are registered. All tracking information is transferred to the Lyngsoe Seal Management System for review,
where it can be used for verification of in-country transit time compliance and container travel statistics.


  • Easy to install and run
  • Easy detection of container tampering
  • Reduce cost of control and inspections
  • Reduce smuggling and black market activities
  • Minimize waiting time
  • Improve traceability and visibility of containers
  • Lower cost but as effective as GPS

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