Electronic, passive RFID high security container seal for secure sealing of shipping containers


Utilizing passive RFID technology, the eSeal provides tamperproof security. The pull-tight eSeal replaces existing seals, and is classified as high security, securing shipping containers as part of the Container Security Solution. The fast and easy verification of tampering, increases safety, minimizes smuggling, and facilitates the optimization of logistic operations.


The tamperproof eSeal is a disposable, one-time use seal that is activated when used to seal a container. The RFID chip is activated once sealed, and can be read from 3.5 meters away providing tamper notification as well as seal data and status. The construction of the seal prevents any reassembly if the seal has been cut, and the unique numbering system prevents the unauthorized replacement of the seal. The eSeal also registers when the seal is open, which deters manipulation of the seal and tampering with the shipment.


The eSeal is a passive RFID sealing device designed for one-time use, making it the most cost-effective way to track containers and detect tampering, facilitating trade, providing secure container tracking, while reducing theft, smuggling, tampering and corruption.

The seal supports the existing workflow on sealing and the fast and accurate electronic reading of
seal data and seal status speeds up the verification process and allows for fast-track options for approved shippers. The seal is disposable – no complicated collection of the tracking device is necessary.


  • “H“ - High Security certified according to ISO17712:2013 and C-TPAT
  • Disposable, intelligent, tamperproof seal
  • Easy tamper detection increases security and minimizes manipulation
  • Effective, lower cost tracking solution compared to GPS
  • Made in Denmark

Product Sheet