Baggage Reconciliation


Baggage reconciliation made easy

Baggage reconciliation made easy

The purpose of baggage reconciliation is to increase security on flights by ensuring baggage loaded on an aircraft belongs to passengers that have actually boarded that specific aircraft. The Lyngsoe LIVE logistics ™ Belt Loader Reader is placed on the belt loader and performs automatic registration of RFID tagged baggage before it enters the aircraft. It provides instant feedback to ramp personnel of baggage status with approved for load, denied, loading. Etc. This is done with a visual alarm (LED light stack) and stops the belt if any misrouted baggage is detected. Misrouted baggage can be pulled off before it enters the aircraft saving time and ensuring safety for the ramp personnel.

IATA Resolution 753 compliance

The Airline Industry is faced with the implementation of IATA Resolution 753 by 2018. The resolution requires airlines to demonstrate delivery and acquisition of baggage when custody changes, provide an inventory of bags upon departure of a flight and be capable of exchanging these events with other airlines as needed. The automatic registrations of BMS (Baggage Message Service) from the Belt Loader Reader utilized in the reconciliation process helps ground handlers, airlines and airports demonstrate delivery and acquisition of baggage as custody changes as well as provide the mandatory inventory of bags upon departure, which makes them compliant with this resolution. 

Improve operational efficiency and increase passenger satisfaction

By eliminating the manual scanning of baggage at ramp side, man hours are saved and cost removed. The automatic scanning and real-time feedback about load status of baggage reduces the number of mishandled bags, which helps both the bottom line as well as the passenger satisfaction. All tracking information from the Belt Loader Reader is uploaded to the existing Baggage Reconciliation Systems and Baggage Handling System through standard interfaces making it easy and cost-effective to implement.

The core elements

  • Automatic reconciliation and real-time tracking of baggage
  • Easy detection of misrouted baggage prior to loading onto the aircraft
  • Real-time feedback to ramp personnel on load / no load
  • Automatic registrations are complaint with IATA Resolution 753
  • Easy integration to your existing baggage reconciliation system and baggage handling system

Product Sheet


  • Increase security
  • Improve number of on-time departures
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase passenger satisfaction