December 18, 2018

Visit from the Danish Minister of Health

Intelligent management of hospitals - the Danish Minister of Health pays Lyngsoe Systems a visit

On Monday, December 17th, 2018 we had the honor of welcoming the Danish Minister of Health, Ellen Trane Nørby to Lyngsoe Systems’ Headquarters. The minister was here to learn about how tracking and localization solutions can improve logistics and efficiency at hospitals.

A hospital consists of tens of thousands of daily routines and processes and is, in fact, a very complex logistics system. By attaching RFID tags to medical equipment and assets, readers in the ceiling can monitor their every move and real-time location. This significantly reduces the time staff spends on locating assets.

Ellen Trane Nørby was very engaged in the subject and immediately saw the benefits of spending fewer manhours on locating equipment and make it possible to relocate more manhours to patient care.

The combination of RFID tags and reading equipment makes data capturing easy and is a key component in Lyngsoe System healthcare solutions. This was demonstrated to the minister, who even tried for herself how easy it is to capture data in a hospital and automatically log the location of various assets.

The minister was especially interested in the solutions we have implemented in Danish hospitals where the staff is able to locate assets such as beds, trollies, wheelchairs and medical equipment across the hospital site.

A Lyngsoe Systems Healthcare solution not only frees up time spent on locating equipment. It can also be used to optimize work processes and use of storage space. Additionally, a hospital can see a decrease in money spent on purchasing new equipment, because of a full overview and optimal use of existing equipment.