Library Spotlight: Battle of the sorters

November 11, 2015

USA’s fastest library book-sorters 2015

New York Public Library and King County Library have been battling it out for the last 4 years for Lyngsoe Systems Cup and prestige of being the USA’s fastest library book-sorters.

"Last year we sorted 7.9 million items with New York and Brooklyn Public Libraries," said Salvatore Magaddino, deputy director with BookOps. "On a busy Monday or Tuesday we'll sort over 45.000 items, all going, new materials going to our patrons and books requested. So it's a vital part of what we do."

With New York and Seattle claiming two wins each, dozens of library workers took time out on Tuesday to support their colleagues for the 2015 challenge.


 During the one-hour sort off tensions were high and friendly trash talk and rivalry was even higher. After one hour, King County Library staff and the Tin Man had sorted 12.752, which was 200 more than defending champions in New York. The Lyngsoe Systems Cup will be proudly displayed in King County Library for the next 12 months, but with that said never count out the resolve of New York Public Library they already have their mind set on regaining the glory in 2016!

We are already looking forward to the 2016 sort-off.

Press: NY Times