February 07, 2018

Two market leaders in library efficiency solutions announce partnership

DENMARK, AARS: February 2, 2018. Lyngsoe Systems is pleased to announce Polish based ARFIDO as its distribution partner, expanding the availability of Lyngsoe Systems’ sorters for libraries in Poland and Eastern Europe.

With this partnership, Lyngsoe Systems will also include a range of ARFIDO’s products, such as the intelligent shelf, the self-service device and the book dispenser for its markets in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria and Switzerland, providing broader product choices for new and existing customers.

Henrik Kjeldgaard, Business Unit Director for Library at Lyngsoe Systems expressed: “We look very much forward to this collaboration, giving both companies an innovative and extensive product variety to support the requirements of the modern library environment”.

Piotr Jechalke, Sales Specialist at ARFIDO, looks forward to a long partnership with Lyngsoe Systems and states that: “A couple of Lyngsoe Systems sorters have already been sold to Estonia and Lithuania and we expect many more to come.”


Lyngsoe Systems is a global leader in designing and producing automated materials handling solutions for libraries of all sizes. With +300 systems installed, the company specializes in customizing their sorter configurations based on the unique needs of their customers. From a single branch location to a large library requiring high volume central sorters, customer needs are the core of every Lyngsoe System implementation, supported by a deep understanding of current and improved library processes.


ARFIDO is market leading in Poland and has been supplying professional library RFID solutions for more than 14 years. Their solutions for handling, protection and sorting of book collections have been implemented in over 100 public and academic libraries.


For more information, please contact Lyngsoe Systems or Piotr Jechalke, ARFIDO