August 28, 2018

Technology plays key part in open library concept

Technology plays key part in open library concept

As part of a major refurbishment, Danish Middelfart Library opted for a technology upgrade. The result is a seamless sorting solution and extended opening hours with significant positive impacts on the local community.

Middelfart Library’s sorting system was installed by Lyngsoe Systems in 2005, and the sorter was an instant success with staff by relieving them from strenuous work. After more than 10 years of operation, the library chose to upgrade their existing solution with the latest generation of Lyngsoe Systems’ Sort Mate™ technology.  

At the same time, Middelfart Library had a vision of becoming more accessible for their patrons. They wanted to extend their opening hours and tear down walls to become part of the main space of the culture house where the library is located. Together with Lyngsoe Systems they found a solution.

For accessibility the Lyngsoe Access Mate™ was installed, providing public access for citizens based on their social security card.

Upgrading the old sorter entailed significant improvements including flawless functionality and low-noise operation. Access Mate not only provides extended access to the library, it has also caused a step-change in public usage of the whole culture house.

“People in our local community love and embrace the open library concept, and it has changed the way they are using our facilities. People let themselves in early to study or read the paper, and there are lots of synergies with the other operators of the building. For example, children will run to the library’s kids zone to play while their parents are queuing up to buy cinema tickets,” says Charlotte Pedersen, Director of Middelfart Library.

You can see the video about Middelfart Library here:

Video Middelfart Library

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