December 01, 2017

Successful GS1 UK Healthcare Conference

Lyngsoe Systems at GS1 UK Healthcare Conference 2017

Lyngsoe Systems was the Platinum Sponsor at the 2017 GS1 UK Healthcare Conference in Heathrow, London between the 21st and 22nd of November.

2017 has been the biggest year yet for GS1 standards in healthcare – more Trusts and healthcare suppliers are GS1 members than ever before and momentum is building behind the next phases of the Scan4Safety program.

This year’s conference was an important milestone towards the goal of full implementation across the NHS in the UK – and a celebration of the time, money and, most importantly, lives saved already using GS1 standards.

The conference brought together senior NHS and Department of Health leaders to drive improvements in patient safety, clinical effectiveness and operational efficiency in the NHS in the UK.

The UK hospitals showed great interest is our GS1 compliant track & trace solutions for hospital equipment, people and assets. Our innovative solutions that include both passive RFID (radio frequency identification) and active RTLS (real-time location system), are designed to increase tracking scalability and -flexibility at hospitals, ultimately helping increase efficiency and patient safety.

Our key message was “Fight your hospital’s logistic diseases with our RTLS cure”, underlining how our solutions can help hospitals. Hospitals, partners and suppliers in the healthcare sector were excited to learn more about these opportunities which made our stand and dedicated speaker sessions well visited throughout the conference.

Thank you all for visiting us.

The GS1 UK Healthcare Conference 2017 kept our passionate healthcare team busy. We look forward to helping hospitals in the UK with applying the competitive advantage embedded in our solutions.