November 28, 2018

Queens Library Celebrates

Lyngsoe Systems joined the Queens Library at its 2018 Gala to celebrate the library’s continued success in meeting its vision of providing person intellectual growth and community cohesion in the New York borough. 

On October 23 Queens Library had a lot to celebrate. It has been transforming lives, one patron at a time, with its community outreach and ready access to materials and books aimed at personal enrichment and education.

Part of that effort is focused in technology. The library has been enjoying the benefits of its Lyngsoe Systems Automated Material Handling (AMH) system for nearly a decade. So Lyngsoe Systems President Cory L. McCoy was on-hand for the event, as he has been for the past nine years.

Over 300 people filled the main hall of Queens Museum, as the library honored four outstanding individuals whose life’s work mirrors the library’s vision. And those representing the community included a seventh grader who attributed his academic success to the library’s STACKS afterschool program and a Nigerian immigrant credited her high school equivalency diploma to the supportive staff at one of the library’s Adult Learning Centers.

The district continues to serve a vibrant, informed, cohesive and empowered society; and as part of that effort, Queens Library is leveraging its Lyngsoe AMH system. The technology helps the district ensure materials are efficiently and accurately processed and made available for the public who rely on the library for information and personal enrichment.

Queens Library reports that the AMH has speeded up distribution and shelving across all branches. Staff are also using Lyngsoe Ergo Trolleys™ for safe transportation of those materials, while reducing the need for strenuous and repetitive work. The district also continues to leverage Lyngsoe Systems’ self-service inductions to enable extended access of materials for library patrons. The solutions from Lyngsoe Systems are in place at the library’s 60+ branches.

You can read the full case story from Queens Library, New York here



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