November 18, 2016

Postal operators breaking down the China wall

Postal operators breaking down the "China Wall"

October Conference in Arlanda with PostNord

Lyngsoe Systems and PostNord had the pleasure of welcoming Bpost, Polish Post, Czech Post, Iceland Post and Norway Post for a demo of our MICS at Arlanda Airport.

5 postal operators from different countries in Europe.

5 operators different in size, shape and structure but all facing the same challenge: 

How do we handle import items efficiently with limited space?

Most postal operators are facing huge growth rates–up to 40% annually on registered mail, EMS, Prime Express and similar products. However, as it is necessary to complete mandatory IPS scans, address registration and customs handling on some of these products, it slows down the parcel intake and sorting process, creating a real bottleneck.

PostNord has already solved a big part of the puzzle when it comes to handling import items from China—breaking down the “China wall!”

They have integrated a unique Lyngsoe Systems solution combining barcode and picture technology allowing them to:

  • Split the process and optimize handling
  • Speed up the custom declaration process
  • Expand capacity when there is limited space
  • Optimize their notification system 

The function is to capture images and barcodes in one easy process by using video coding. This allows customs and other necessary procedures to be executed while the item is being handled, improving efficiency for PostNord by more than 80 %.