January 18, 2019

Patented intelligence in RFID baggage handling

Lyngsoe Systems are happy to announce a patent in the Airport and Airline business regarding the Lyngsoe Sortation Reader™. This emphasizes Lyngsoe Systems as a first mover technology wise as the patented Sortation Reader is the first of its kind to utilize advanced software algorithms to uniquely match the bag with the correct RFID baggage tag. It intelligently eliminates RFID cross-readings from other nearby RFID tags and achieving very high performance on the read rate. The Sortation Reader does not require intrusive and “difficult to install” RF shielding.

When passenger satisfaction and flawless handling goes hand in hand

Behind the patent is an organization Lyngsoe Systems whose purpose is to offer a specific turnkey solution, so modern airports can meet the demands in the baggage handling operation with the goal to deliver an extensive service to passengers and at the same time running a cost-effective and profitable business. Meanwhile preparation for future demands where the capacity will be pushed to the limit with an increasing number of travelers and a rising demand for accurate information about baggage.

Handling the baggage is a key area in any airport where loading and transfer times represent a key factor in competing for the business. Lyngsoe Systems focus on frictionless automation of logistics processes by combining RFID technology with advanced software solutions. The Sortation Reader enables airports to utilize the full capacity of their Baggage Handling System capacity postponing expensive sortation system upgrades.

Simple and reliable management of baggage

RFID does not require line of sight to read the tag and it benefits the airport with a close to 100% read rate reducing the need for manual handling of no-read bags. Increasing the throughput of the baggage sorter enables growth in passenger numbers without physically expanding the baggage handling system.

Simplicity is often a good road to choose and one of the key features in the patented Sortation Reader is that it can be placed on the induction of the baggage sorter or on the conveyors leading to the induction. The Sortation Reader reads and matches (singulates) the specific RFID baggage tag(s) to a bag and provides decoded license plate data to the Baggage Handling System (BHS).

Inexpensive by integration with existing equipment

Capture the benefits of the Internet of Things by installing the most cost-effective solution on the market for sorting baggage with RFID tags. Flexible to install and easily integrated with existing baggage handling systems, it does not require wide-scale space for mounting. The Sortation Reader is a straightforward installation onto existing baggage handling equipment. Lyngsoe Sortation Reader software can integrate with existing barcode scanner arrays or communicate directly with the BHS as an RFID-only solution.

How to get started

Looking at the big picture the patented Sortation Reader is a key product in the Baggage Handling System which offers advantages for passengers, operators, satisfaction towards the airport, faster sorting and loading time, exact tracking of baggage. This leads directly to:

  • Increased information level to passengers
  • Flawless baggage handling
  • Close to 100% read rate even after handling
  • Integration with existing equipment

At Lyngsoe Systems we have done it before, designing a system that makes any Airport score high on effective baggage handling and at the same time provides extensive customer service with real-time reading points throughout the process and information back to the customer. For more information please consult our website at www.lyngsoesystems.com