July 17, 2017

Making Space with Modularity in Lyon, France

Making Space with Modularity in Lyon, France

Lyon is France’s third largest city after Paris and Marseille with a library to match. With nearly 4 million circulations across 16 locations in 2016, Lyon’s libraries needed to improve sorting efficiencies, but installing modern systems into older buildings is challenging. “We had limited space in some of our branches,” explains Jean-Baptiste Vicaire, IT manager for Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, “but the modularity of the sorter enabled us to make the best use of available space.” Lyon purpose-built rooms for the sorters, working closely with Lyngsoe Systems and then local distribution partner 3M for accurate dimensions. Simultaneously, Lyngsoe Systems' custom-designed solutions for each space, choosing modules that met the demands of that branch.

In several locations, one interior return module was installed slightly lower, to allow children to return their own materials and make the return more accessible to persons in wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Just next to it, a large window gives everyone a show as the automated system processes returns.

At Lyon, most materials being sorted are books, CDs, and DVDs. “Some special items like language training materials (CDs plus books) are placed in plastic pouches,” says Vicaire. “Some of the fragile items we lend – artwork like prints and photos – have been configured in the ILS to be blocked from entering the sorter.” This configuration specificity ensures that only materials sturdy enough for handling are sorted.

Under a framework agreement, Lyngsoe Systems has installed Sort Mate™ 2000 at 6 of Lyon’s 16 branches, with 2 more coming soon at the central Part-Dieu Library and the under-construction Lacassagne library. Vicaire is clear on why Lyon chooses Lyngsoe Systems –  “The sorters are working quite well and we have reached our goals: patrons are autonomous, they can return books when the library is closed, staff manage peak hours better, and library staff have fewer repetitive manual tasks and are therefore more available to serve patrons.”


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