August 31, 2019

Lyngsoe Systems’ Library Unit Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Lyngsoe Systems’ Library Unit Celebrates 10th Anniversary

[Aars, Denmark, 31/08/2019]Lyngsoe Systems, a world leader in logistic solutions across the customer supply chain, celebrates 10th anniversary of acquiring its Library Business from FKI Logistex/Crisplant. Since the acquisition in 2009, Lyngsoe Systems has been dedicated to improving library efficiency at hundreds of libraries worldwide. The Library Business Unit has grown into an internationally recognized industry leader in Automated Material Handling reaching from San Francisco to Calgary; New York to Copenhagen; Sydney to Singapore.


Lyngsoe Systems’ CEO, Villads Thomsen, states: ”10 years ago we acquired the Library business and what a remarkable journey it has been! With die-hard dedication from our employees, we have managed to establish ourselves as the number #1 brand within Automated Material Handling in Libraries. All based on a deep desire to make a real difference for the hundreds of libraries and librarians that we have served globally. We truly thank them for placing their trust in us and promise to continue our relentless focus on delivering best in class products and customer support.”


Lyngsoe Systems’ Library Business Unit Director, Henrik Kjeldgaard, states: “For me, it has been an amazing team to join in 2015. So much dedication, so much care for the customer, and it all comes from the heart. It is truly inspirational to lead such a team, and the track record, when looking back at this important milestone, is simply impressive!”


Several employees have been a part of the journey building up the Library Business Unit, as we know it today, among these is Cory McCoy, president at Lyngsoe Systems in the US: “Ten years ago Lyngsoe Systems was the company that made the decision to believe and trust in a forward thinking Library Solutions team to fulfil their goal to design, manufacture, install and support the world’s finest self-service Library equipment. I can safely say that belief and trust has paid off as today Lyngsoe Library Systems is the world leader in Automated Material Handling for Libraries and continues to innovate and invest in Library Automation. It’s truly fantastic to be part of this great global team and I cannot wait to see what amazing products and services we will provide to libraries over the next ten years!”


“It is safe to say, that it has been a tremendous success, since the Library team became part of Lyngsoe Systems these ten years ago, and it has now grown into being part of the core of the company. The long-lasting customer relationships are a clear sign, that our people and products continue to add value to our customers, and we intend to continue down this successful path of customer-centricity and quality of products and service for the next ten years as well! Building on the results so far, we are now making our Intelligent Material Management System™ (IMMS) available to the World as well, so I fully expect Lyngsoe Systems to be a household name, wherever we go in the next ten years”, concludes Henrik Kjeldgaard.


About Lyngsoe Systems

Lyngsoe Systems is one of the world’s leading software developers and systems integrators of logistics solutions for a wide range of complex logistics chain environments within the library, postal, supply chain and airport markets. We have been designing, installing and maintaining control and track-and-trace systems for more than 40 years and are leaders within the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology market.

With more than 5,000 installations worldwide in more than 60 countries, the Lyngsoe team demonstrates extensive customer process knowledge and advanced expertise within solution design, software development, integration, service and maintenance. In addition, we provide complete project management and consultancy services for our installations worldwide.

AMH: An automated material handling system automates some of the sorting processes in a library. It allows patrons to return media without staff intervention. Patrons return media into the sorting system through dedicated inductions, where the integrated scanners read the media, and automatically report the media as returned to the library management system, where all data resides. The integrated scanners in the inductions read the RFID tags and/or bar codes on the media, and the software determines the appropriate material category (e.g. Novels), before sending the media on to the sorter. The sorter conveys the media to the chute as defined by the library staff in the control software.

Learn more about AMH here. 

IMMS: The Intelligent Material Management System is a logistical system, which complements your existing ILS/LMS and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in your material flow. Utilizing new tools for data collection, items can be tracked to the shelf, shelving cart, transport bin, or storage location. These tools greatly increase the quality of data, and significantly improve the circulation of your collection. The intelligent distribution algorithm manages and optimizes item distribution in a floating or partly floating collection.

Learn more about IMMS here. 


For more information about Lyngsoe Systems and our library solutions visit our website or feel free to contact

Henrik Kjeldgaard

Business Unit Director

Lyngsoe Systems +45 21703864

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