July 22, 2016

Lyngsoe Systems Library Spotlight - Be Inspired

No Library Too Big, No Library Too Small

Lyngsoe Systems acquired FKI Logistex Library Solutions in 2009, and has since then aided hundreds of libraries around the world in optimizing them to achieve a healthier environment and better service no matter the size of the libraries. To give a small glimpse of what our dynamic Library team have been involved with over the last couple of months we have collected a few stories to share.

Newton Free Library Installs Automatic Material Check-In Sorter To Read RFID Tagged Materials

Last month Newton Free Library announced their new Automatic Materials Check-in/Sorter installation. By tagging all materials with Radio Frequency ID tags (RFID), the sorter will immediately recognize the items coming through and check them in, while sorting them into bins for reservations and shelving.

“These changes will allow library staff to spend more time providing essential one-on-one customer service and less time on routine tasks that can lead to repetitive stress injuries”, said Library Director Pill McNulty.He continued: "The new automated materials check-in system will allow us to handle books and other items more efficiently, getting them into your hands sooner than before".

We are happy to be a part of future proofing Newton Free Library the public library of Newton, Massachusetts.

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Grand Opening At Varina Library In Henrico County, Virgina



“It’s one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen!” Lyngsoe Systems Inc. President, Cory McCoy exclaimed when he recently returned from the grand opening of Varina Area Library in Henrico County. The 43,885-square-foot building made of glass, wood and metal beautifully complemented its surroundings. We are proud to have delivered our Sort Mate™ 2000 system, which will ensure patrons quick material returns and availability and a healthy work environment for the library staff.

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Watch a time-lapse video of the construction of Varina Library 

Mannheim University Library in Germany - If The Green Does Not Fit

Our library products, which are normally delivered in green, are also available in alternative colors as an extra-cost exclusive option to fit your library's design. Mannheim University Library chose to get their Sort Mate™ 2000 in blue to fit the new architectural design. The result was very satisfying and very visible to patrons through the glass-wall holding the inductions.

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Gävle City Library In Sweden - Biggest Sort Mate™ 2000 installation in Europe

Our European Library Team have been busy creating Lyngsoe Systems history as we have delivered our biggest installation of Sort Mate™ 2000 in Europe to date at Gävle City Library. After a great live performance early June, the library is now getting ready to welcome patrons and staff to a more efficient experience. 

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Watch a video of how the new sorter works [in swedish]