Lyngsoe Systems exhibited at the Future Travel Experience Europe 2017 show (FTE) in Dublin between the 26th and 28th of June, 2017.

June 29, 2017

End-to-end passenger experience discussed at Future Travel Experience Europe 2017

The FTE show brings together key stakeholders from the air transport and travel industry to discuss end-to-end passenger experience on the ground and in-flight.

The Baggage innovation summit was of high interest and here the audience learned about how they can prepare for IATA resolution 753 and how Delta uses RFID technology to improve their baggage processes and tracking capabilities to the benefits of the passengers. Andrew Price (Head of baggage operations) from IATA clearly stated that even though Resolution 753 does not call for a specific tracking technology, RFID is the most cost-effective way to comply. To the questions why it is predicted, that it will take the industry 7 years to make the transition to RFID, the airlines acknowledged that with the speed of technology and implementations, that number is more likely three years for worldwide implementation of RFID for baggage.

Lyngsoe Systems highlighted the benefits of RFID baggage handling and tracking to enhance customer services, improve baggage handling operations and help airlines comply with IATAs new resolution 753. The Innovative Belt Loader reader used for reconciliation and tracking at on- and off-load was showcased in the booth. Visitors from airlines and airports around the world loved how the passive tracking enables improved and automated reconciliation with better ergonomics for the ground handling.

We were excited to hear about all the great innovations and disruptions going on in this space and is thrilled to be part of lifting the passenger experience to the next level over the coming years. 

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