August 28, 2018

Denmark’s Norse Spirit Meets Technology at Gladsaxe’s Library

Denmark’s Norse Spirit Meets Technology at Gladsaxe’s Library

Lyngsoe Systems is helping the Gladsaxe Library, Denmark, embark on a new automation upgrade that will make materials sortation fast and efficient in the main library across its three floors, and four additional branches.

The new solution boasts the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 modular sorting system and the Intelligent Material Management Systems™ (IMMS) that ensure books and other material are routed to the proper location in a complex library system.

Gladsaxe’s Library complex – with a main library in Buddinge and four large branches serves more than 69,000 people living in north Copenhagen. The community is a modern, business and residential center today, but it has a long and storied history originating in the Norse tradition. In fact, this busy 21st century Copenhagen suburb has a literary mention dating back to 1321, and its name Gladsaxe translates as "Shining Sword" in old Norse.

The library is taking its long Norse tradition forward with an ambitious technological approach to automate its sorting system to optimize the sortation process as well as library logistics as a whole.

The sorting system will be installed in the main library where the Sort Mate 2000 sorting systems will connect all three levels of the building. An elevator will transport material from any of the three levels of the building to the two other levels: fiction will be on level 1, nonfiction on level 2 and music and children’s’ material on the ground floor. The system will also include a Lyngsoe Ergo Staff™ 1200 induction on each of the three levels to feed material into the sorter, and as well as two Library Mate 1200 self-return kiosks for patron returns on the ground floor.

The sorting solution takes efficiency another step with IMMS by automating distribution of material to the four branches as the sorter on the floor level includes separate chutes for each library branch, as well as one for reservations, one for items to be re-shelved and one for “other” items.

The sorting system is expected to go live April 2019 with IMMS following two months later in June 2019.

You can learn more about our Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 Module and watch the video here:

 Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 Module

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