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January 14, 2017

Danish Library designs a new experience with sorting system

Danish Lyngby-Taarbæk Library opted for Lyngsoe Systems advanced Sort MateTM  2000 to replace their existing automatic sorter. Based on their vision, the sorter replacement offered an opportunity to add value to the overall library experience for patrons and staff.

Home to over 250,000 materials, Lyngby-Taarbæk Library services around 1100 patrons daily. The library was among the first in Denmark to embrace automatic sorting. In 2016 the time had come to replace their 12-year-old sorter with the Sort Mate™ 2000.

“One of the main aim of the replacement was to enhance our efficiency by applying the latest technology,” says Lars Lunde Ljungberg, Experience Space Manager at the library.  However, rather than going ahead to meet their most immediate needs, the library carefully designed the project to create more value for everyone. 

As the old sorter was placed in a room that was a bit too small, the library also wanted to build a more spacious room for a better working environment for staff.  Ljungberg explains; “In addition to creating more space, we saw a unique opportunity to integrate the sorter with the overall library experience,” he continues. “Therefore, we placed great importance on the design and aesthetics of the final solution”.

Meeting the needs of scale

The Sort Mate™ system’s large capacity of more than 2,000 materials an hour was one of the key points for the library. “We handle about 3,000 returns a day on average. It is nice to know that our new system, meet our needs, even considering peak days and future growth,” says Ljungberg.

Built from flexible modules, Sort Mate ™ 2000 can be designed to match any library size, from the smallest to the largest. The individual solution is expandable and the layout can be customized. Having 26 Sort Mate Modules within the complete installation at Lyngby-Taarbæk Libraries, currently makes it one of the biggest installations of its kind in Europe. 

Creating a library experience asset

Today, glass walls on two sides turn the sorting room into a large display window, enabling patrons to watch the system in action. All cables are placed beneath the floor, creating a clean and stylish look, and low-noise operation adds to the experience.



The solution includes customized elements such as a large display screen using specially-designed software to show the system’s status with stylized icons. Additionally, a large warning light turns on whenever action is needed, for example, if a chute is at risk of reaching its limit. “We installed these visual cues to guide our personnel and the technicians, but also with our patrons in mind,” Ljungberg remarks. 

The new sorter began its operational life on 16 December 2016 and was well received by the library staff, who enjoy the patrons’ interest in this previously unseen activity.

Ljungberg and his team feel that they have succeeded in making the most of their technology upgrade. “We didn’t just want a functional system, we wanted an interesting system, too – and that’s basically what we have in place now,” he says.

The system may have more experiences in store for patrons. “During a recent staff meeting, the idea of a ‘sorter bingo’ game for children involving the system’s large screen came up and was immediately taken on board,” reveals Ljungberg.

A smooth process

The Sort Mate™ 2000 was chosen based on the system’s functionality, design, its capacity and a reasonable price, plus the approach proposed by Lyngsoe Systems,” Ljungberg explains. “Our collaboration with them has been delightfully smooth, owing to a transparent process with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.”

He adds, “I truly appreciated the flexibility and ‘can-do’ attitude of Lyngsoe Systems. Whenever we faced a challenge or a new idea came up, my experience was of a real teamwork where we jointly explored possible ways forward. This enabled us to swiftly reach solutions.” 

Project manager at Lyngsoe Systems Lars Gaub praises the Lyngby-Taarbæk Libraries team for being forward-looking. “Their constructive spirit and visionary thinking made the collaboration a real pleasure,” he says.

Lyngby-Taarbæk Library construction will be finished spring 2017.


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