March 29, 2017

Build intelligent supply chains with Internet of Things

A strong current trend in supply chain optimization is the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combining track-and-trace technologies and sensor technologies with cloud based data capture.

Simon Johansen, Senior Sales Director at Lyngsoe Systems, says there is a strong business case for IoT solutions in supply chains as they provide unprecedented agility and visibility. 

Using sensors, RFID as other data capture technologies and thus making load carriers intelligent enables you to continuously trace the whereabouts of goods while performing real-time surveillance of conditions such as humidity and temperature. This enables supply chain managers to make smart decisions to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Simon Johansen explains, “Picture a shipment of fruit which has been subject to a suboptimal temperature at some point during transportion. Although this is invisible, you know their shelf life is probably shortened, so you place them in the supermarket sooner than planned, preventing asset waste.”

Designing your IoT solution

RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy? Lora or SigFox? A bewildering array of tools and platforms are available for intelligent supply chain management.

“Each technology comes with its own benefits and tradeoffs, so choosing the right tool for the right job is important. For example, Bluetooth allows flexible data reading with your mobile phone, whereas RFID is cost-effective and highly accurate. Solutions should be designed based on the company’s specific processes, e.g. whether load carriers are circulating back to the supplier or not,” notes Simon Johansen. 

Hybrid solutions combining two or more technologies adds flexibility to meet the changing needs along the logistics chain, and Simon Johansen expects integrated solutions will gain ground in the coming years.   

Danish businesses are catching up fast with IoT technologies. In April 2017, Simon Johansen will speak at two business seminars in Denmark, equipping delegates with knowledge of IoT in supply chains. 


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