May 22, 2018

Annual Service Partner Training

Annual Service Partner Training

Library service partners from across the globe joined Lyngsoe Systems technicians to review Lyngsoe Systems solutions and how they benefit libraries worldwide.

In early spring Lyngsoe Systems completed its annual Service Partner Training event, to help our service partners understand our products and how the solutions may benefit their own library customers worldwide.  Our service partners are critical to our strategic drive to expand globally, and this training serves as a key part of our initiative to grow the Lyngsoe Systems geographic footprint.

This year’s training, led by Peter Poulsen, Lyngsoe Systems Technical Specialist -- with help from his colleagues -- offered our partners the information they need to understand the innovative Lyngsoe library product offerings and how they increase efficiency, improve logistics and boost ergonomics.

The three-day event took place at the Lyngsoe Systems headquarters in Denmark and included technicians as well as our colleagues from across the world.

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