June 07, 2018

Announcement: IATA mandates RFID in all baggage tags

IATA mandates RFID in all baggage tags

The IATA has publically announced it will mandate that RFID is integrated into all baggage tags. At the “Director General’s report on the Air Transport Industry,” Alexandre de Juniac, IATA's Director General and CEO, announced: “We’ve got one year to develop a global deployment plan that will see IATA standard RFID inlays in all baggage tags. During that time we will align our partners in the value chain—especially airports—so that we can achieve our industry’s vision to begin rolling this out from 2020.”

This exciting news moves the aviation industry to the next level. IATA has proven its visionary approach to technology and has helped the industry future-proof its baggage operations.

The IATA mandate has been announced so airlines can meet passengers’ expectations for real-time tracking. Implementing RFID for baggage tracking and handling not only benefits passengers with increased tracking capabilities and less mishandling, but also helps airlines and airports significantly improve their operations. Due to very high read rates, automated processes and cost-effective implementation, RFID helps increase capacity within existing baggage handling systems and significantly improves baggage processes.
From June this year, IATA also mandated resolution 753, requiring most airlines to increase tracking capabilities. RFID is the most cost-effective way to comply with the new requirements. Now that RFID integration in baggage tags will become mandatory, the tagging is no longer a barrier to implementation. 

Lyngsoe System has the only proven end-to-end baggage solution based on RFID. We have worked with airlines and airports around the world to improve baggage handling and increase passenger satisfaction. Our purpose-specific products are designed to meet the unique requirement from aviation and support the ground handlers in their working environment. We have deployed products to support tracking and handling baggage on each step of the baggage handling chain and have great experience with large-scale implementations.

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