November 16, 2017

Aarhus University Hospital awarded with two international prizes

AUH has won two awards for their innovative work with Service Logistics. Ground-breaking for its use of sensor technology and international standards never seen before within the healthcare sector ensuring adequate and efficient handling of logistics to the benefit of their patients.

Lyngsoe Systems provided the comprehensive future-proofed GS1 RFID-based real-time localization system for Service Logistics, which supported the capability and complexity of 40 identified use cases as well as huge amounts of data.

The awards given in Düsseldorf and Chicago were the “RFID & Wireless IoT Research & Solutions Award 2017” and the “GS1 Healthcare Provider Advisory Council Award 2017”. Two prizes acknowledging the importance of rethinking hospital processes with new technology and being the best GS1 hospital implementation in the world.

“Lyngsoe Systems would like to congratulate Aarhus University Hospital on this great achievement. We are excited to see that their innovative mindset, willingness and ability to make the right decisions leading the way for others is acknowledged in this way. We are also extremely proud to be part of this great project and are pleased to see that the work we put into creating the GS1 RTLS data capture solution is bringing great value to our customers both in recognition as well in improving their everyday operation. They are now enabled to increase the utilization of equipment, saving time for the staff as well as improving patient safety with Service Logistics.” says Business Unit Director, Data Capture Michael Vistisen.

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