Maria Magdalena Thomsen - Software Developer

Working at Lyngsoe Systems, where I contribute to making a difference to our customers each day, is truly  rewarding experience. I am fulfilling my dream of working within such an exciting industry.

I have a Master in Computer Science from University of Craiova (Romania) , and a  Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aalborg University, which I completed in 2009. I started at Lyngsoe Systems in 2015 where I solve practical problems, and develop software solutions for real customers in the Postal and Logistics industry.



Being part of a development team for Postal and Logistics, I have been working on the Quality of Service Monitor software. It is very invigorating to know that the software I work on is installed and used all around the world.

My daily work is never boring. There are always challenges and twists and plenty of opportunities to evolve my professional horizon with new knowledge.