Carsten Bermann - System Architect

"I have been here for 20 years and I still get many professional challenges. One of the good things about working at Lyngsoe Systems is that you can have all the responsibility you want - and if you have the right drive, you can get far!".

System Architect Carsten Bermann, has the technical responsibility of upgrading software to eight distribution centers for a larger clothing company in USA. It is in cooperation with Crisplant, one of Lyngsoe Systems' largest customer. Crisplant delivers automated solutions. However, the work is not done behind the desk. "We aim to be a part of the whole process, being on the way to New York to help with the installation of the solution in one of the distribution centers", explains Carsten and continues:


"It is important to have a good boss who knows what it takes to get the employees to do their very best - and we have one of those in my department. We have the opportunity to take courses and further training so that we are ready to do the tasks we get. If we want, it is also possible to get abroad. For example, I was posted abroad for a year in Singapore together with my family. It was in connection with the building of a new terminal in the airport where Lyngsoe Systems delivered the technology for the baggage sorting system. I wanted to go abroad and it was a very exciting experience - my family thinks that as well."