Milton Keynes, England

April 03, 2019 - April 04, 2019

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Come meet us at EBME Expo

Lyngsoe Systems will exhibit at EBME Expo where we will focus on our X-Tracking™ real-time track and trace solution that supports the GS1 Scan4Safety data capture initiatives. Using a combination of passive RFID embedded GS1 asset labels and active RFID tags you can tag and track your complete asset inventory in real-time around the hospital at the click of a button. With large inventories of mobile medical devices constantly on the move being able to locate your equipment fleet in real-time is vital and has significant benefits for everyone.

Medical engineers can locate equipment quickly to deliver essential maintenance and ensure patient safety while managing risk. Nursing staff can use the same web-based software to quickly find medical equipment to deliver patient care.

The benefits of knowing what you have and where to find it are far-reaching. Implementing the GS1 standards alongside a scalable RFID track and trace solution will drive efficiency, improve patient safety and maximize asset utilization.

There are many additional benefits including achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance CQC Outcome 11.

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We look forward to seeing you in Milton Keynes.