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Labor costs have been cut, real-time data provided and bottlenecks eliminated.

Average turnaround time down from days to hours

Efficiency and production levels have increased, lending frequency has risen

Extreme Customer Service’ model enhanced by automation

Streamlining production of 150 different products

Self-service pioneer selected RFID-based self-service and sorting solution

Automating 62 libraries – a challenge in logistics

Intelligent tagging

Active/passive RFID portals across the country at no less than 340 locations

Patient care is dependent on the ready availability of equipment and personnel

Improved baggage performance providing cost savings

Seamless and structured replacement of WMS

25 different types in use and a total of 200,000 cases

Future proofing the AMH demands for Henrico County Public Library

Intelligent system transformed patron service at Aalborg Libraries

Enhancing Swiss efficiency

Technology plays key part in open library concept

Boosting customer service with automation

Average turnaround time down from days to hours

Setting new standards for collection control and distribution in Naestved

switch to an AMH central sorting system made materials handling easier

When the AMH system became an aesthetic focal point in the main library

Automatic container registration at Guatemala's border crossing

Automatic container registration at Honduras' border crossing