XXL Sport

“It costs a lot of money to correct a misdelivered order, even if it’s to our stores. In addition, it is a great annoyance for both the guests (customers) and us that we cannot keep the delivery time we promised. With RFID, we avoid this from happening.” States Kim Andre Nilsen, Logistics Manager, XXL Sport

E-commerce Accuracy and Precision at XXL Sport

Today’s shoppers -- armed with phones, tablets, and computers -- are seeking speed and convenience in their purchasing. With the tap of a finger, consumers want to place an order that will arrive at a convenient location, quickly, and without errors or surprises.

Norwegian sporting goods retailer, XXL Sport, has stayed one step ahead of this trend, making e-commerce central to its business model. Its goal is to ensure every shopper receives the fast-paced delivery they expect, at the location, they select, without errors. Even a single delivery error can be costly in labor efforts and in customer service.

At the center of its efforts is a solution from Lyngsoe Systems and Consignor that brings visibility and automation to XXL’s e-commerce shipping and delivery processes. The innovative RFID-based solution is in place at the Distribution Center (DC) and one store in Oslo, Norway, with more in the pipeline. The retailer can accomplish automated logistics management both at the point of shipping and receiving.

  • XXL ships 1500-2000 RFID-labeled parcels daily from the DC.
  • Each parcel is validated before shipping with Lyngsoe RTLS RFID Portal™.
  • A second portal confirms receipt of goods at the store and automatically prompts customer notification.

The deployment comes as XXL is growing. Since its launch 15 years ago, XXL has opened 34 stores in Norway, 25 in Sweden, 15 in Finland and four in Austria. And today, 30 percent of the parcels it ships out of its Oslo warehouse each day are based on e-commerce orders by individual shoppers.

With the RFID-based solution, personnel at XXL’s distribution center transport a pallet loaded with RFID tagged parcels through a reader portal, automatically registering and validating each parcel and its delivery destination so that no errors can be made. Any missing item or misloaded parcel is detected, and personnel is alerted before a shipment leaves the site.

At the store, with RFID reader portals, parcels are automatically registered as received, and validated, prompting a message to customers that their order is ready for pick up. The result is a fast and efficient delivery -- and a satisfied customer – all based on the Lyngsoe Systems and Consignor technology. The solution provides the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiency in warehouse shipping.
  • Automatic detection of missing or incorrectly loaded parcels to prevent shipping errors.
  • Real-time data about order deliveries at the store.
  • Fast notification for the customer when the order has arrived at the store.

For XXL, the solution also results in lower operational costs. The automated system ensures that the right data is collected about each shipped product, and does so without the intervention of warehouse staff, thereby saving labor costs and freeing workers up for other tasks.