Reitan Distribution

“Our relationship with Lyngsoe Systems has simply been the best. They are extremely knowledgeable within their field, yet willing to listen to what we want. That meant we felt entirely comfortable leaving the whole project in their hands.” Ole Gert Jensen Planning Manager Reitan Distribution

Smooth and undisruptive warehouse control system overhaul


When the warehouse control system came close to “end of life” at Reitan Distribution, one of the largest wholesalers and distributors of tobacco products in Denmark turned to Lyngsoe Systems to perform a complete control system overhaul.

  • The tobacco sorter and conveyor were stripped completely of electronics and software
  • A new warehouse control system was installed
  • A new pick-to-light system was installed
  • Whole process took just 14 days


The challenge/problem

Reitan Distribution’s warehouse control system (WCS), which controls their automated tobacco sorting machine and manual pick to light (PTL) system, came close to “end of life” and it was difficult to source replacement IT hardware leading to operational risks. Their supplier of the sorter offered a complete update, but that would have been costly and disruptive. What they really wanted was a complete control system overhaul and to replace their old PTL system with a modern system, but they needed it done quickly and with little disruption as possible.

The solution

Reitan Distribution needed a customized WCS that was easier to update and maintain than their old system. The company turned to Lyngsoe Systems who stripped the fully automated tobacco sorting machine right down to the bare machine and shelves, leaving just the mechanical components intact, before installing a new WCS that offered better updating and maintenance.

Reitan Distribution wanted the complete overhaul done within three weeks, as they needed to ensure sufficient supplies to their customers. Lyngsoe Systems suggested doing the overhaul and retraining in parallel, reducing total downtime.


  • Complete warehouse control system and pick to light overhaul in 14 days
  • Parallel retraining reduced downtime
  • Standard components and training now enable unassisted component change
  • System has run at full production every day since
  • Cost-effective compared to a complete upgrade including material handling equipment


By working with Reitan Distribution, Lyngsoe Systems was not only able to overhaul their existing warehouse control system and replace it with a standardized solution that was easier to maintain and update, but also found the least impactful method of completing the project. By providing staff training on the new WCS during the overhaul and completing the project in just 14 days, Lyngsoe Systems got production back to normal in far less time than Reitan Distribution imagined.

About Reitan Distribution

Reitan Distribution is a wholesale business, which buys staple goods from manufacturers on behalf of a number of retail chains, such as Rema1000, 7-Eleven, Q8, Circle K, OK Plus and many others. Purchasing power combined with the most efficient logistics has made Reitan Distribution one of Denmark’s biggest wholesalers, and a member of the leading purchasing co-operative in Europe.